SING X ADDINN | Digitalisation

SING, acronym for Gabon’s digital incubation company, is a private digital innovation services company, whose mission is to:
– Support startups in their development as part of acceleration programs.
– Provide coworking, meeting, and event spaces.
– Organize events on behalf of third parties.
– Offer digital training.
– Manage Open Innovation and entrepreneurship programs.
– Respond to tenders.
– Search for grants from foundations and other institutions.
– Develop and market digital services and products.
As part of its mission, SING deemed it necessary to create an incubator dedicated to supporting 10 Gabonese startups in the digital sector on the methodology part of the work as well as the IT development part.
To this end, ADDINN Group, has collaborated with SING on this project. This involves the design and deployment of mobile applications (eg Sing Pay, OGASSO…) and an ERP system (Odoo), as well as the accompaniment of more than 10 Gabonese startups as part of the “E-LAB” project.
Below are some screens of the mobile app ‘SING PAY’!

SING X ADDINN | Digitalisation