SOGATRA X ADDINN | Digitalisation

SOGATRA, the Gabonese transportation company, is a company that offers transport services adapted to its customers. Its aim is to participate in the resolution of the problem of urban and interurban transport in Gabon and to facilitate the daily life of a large public account of Gabon.

To achieve its objective, SOGATRA asked ADDINN Group for the design and development of a platform aimed at digitizing the passenger journey in the means of public transport, buses, and taxis of SOGATRA on the territory of Gabon. This journey includes labeling, subscription, and control processes.

As part of this project, ADDINN Group had the following missions:
– Development of a digital interface adapted to the needs of SOGATRA (Smart Ticket)
– Provision and assembly of reception and reading equipment in buses assigned by SOGATRA to school transport.
– Capturing public transport subscriptions (+100,000 subscriptions captured per month).
– Handling SOGATRA’s Back-office operations.

Below are screenshots of the final design of the mobile application and website:

SOGATRA X ADDINN | Digitalisation