la digitalisation DE la gestion des réclamations bancaires

Managing Banking Claims in the Digitalization Era

In the age of technological advancements, our daily routines have undergone a significant transformation, especially when it comes to accessing financial services. With the advent of eBanking and mBanking, customers now have the convenience of conducting financial transactions online and via smart mobile devices.

While this digital shift has brought increased interaction between customers and their financial institutions through platforms like mobile apps and online portals, it has also led to a rise in banking complaints. Effectively managing these complaints has become a crucial task for financial institutions aiming to excel in an increasingly competitive industry while adhering to regulatory standards.

So, how can financial institutions implement best practices to enhance banking complaint management and overall customer service?

Let’s explore the top three effective strategies.


Top 3 best practices for effective Claim Management
1. Simplify the complaint process:

Investing in user-friendly and intuitive interfaces is essential for banks. By enabling customers to easily submit their complaints online through clear and simplified complaint forms, processing times can be significantly reduced. This optimization contributes to the overall efficiency of the complaint management system.

2. Establish transparent complaint Tracking:

Enhance customer trust and alleviate waiting-related anxieties by providing transparent complaint tracking. Implement online tools that allow customers to monitor the status of their complaints in real-time. This approach fosters a stronger sense of transparency and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to addressing customer concerns promptly.

3. Leverage Artificial intelligence and Big Data:

Embracing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data can transform banking complaint management. These technologies facilitate automated analysis, more effective fraud detection, and personalized responses and solutions (such as intelligent chatbots). Furthermore, they enable data-driven decision-making processes, leading to continuous improvements.

Managing Banking Claims in the Digitalization Era
What Are the Advantages of Digitalization in Banking Complaint Management?

Digitalization has revolutionized banking complaint management by offering many benefits:

  • – Process automation: Intelligent systems can swiftly categorize and prioritize complaints, leading to faster and more accurate resolution.
  • – Traceability and transparency: Digitalization allows customers to track their complaint statuses in real-time, while banks can provide regular updates, fostering transparency.
  • – Multichannel interaction: Digitalization enables customers to interact with their bank through various channels, catering to individual preferences and convenience.
  • – Advanced Data analysis: Digital tools empower financial institutions to analyze complaint-related data comprehensively, identifying trends and issues for process improvement.

➔ Incorporating these practices enhances the customer experience, reduces processing times, and reinforces trust in digital banking services.

What Are the Advantages of Digitalization in Banking Complaint Management?
At ADDINN Group, we understand the intricacies of the banking sector

Our cutting-edge solution, ‘ADDINN Claims, harnesses Big Data to efficiently manage complaints. It centralizes and classifies complaints, provides real-time insights, and empowers both bank managers and customers with advanced features.

• Empowering managers with advanced features :
  • – Streamlined Management: Centralize and categorize incoming complaints within a unified database.
  • – Dynamic Insights: Utilize dashboards and real-time reports to gain instant visibility into complaint status (completed, in progress, etc.) across branches, regions, and complaint types.
  • – Smart Prioritization: Automatically prioritize claims based on urgency and financial impact for efficient resolution.
  • – In-depth Customer Insights: Leverage predictive analysis, behavioral analysis, and advanced segmentation to better understand customer data.
• Elevated Customer experience :
  • – Seamless Submission: Experience quick complaint submission through a 1-minute average form, complete with instant submission confirmation.
  • – Transparent Progress: Track submitted complaints in real-time, staying informed on their processing status (processed, in progress, etc.).
  • – Service Satisfaction: Provide feedback and rate service quality to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • – Immediate Assistance: Access an intelligent mobile Chatbot (powered by AI) for rapid complaint processing and queries.



Managing Banking Claims in the Digitalization Era

Are you ready to leverage the power of Big Data to elevate your financial institution’s Claim Management Process?

Contact us now to explore the benefits of ‘ADDINN CLAIMS’ solution.

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