GIZ & INAT X ADDINN | Digitalisation
GIZ, also known as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, is an international organization that works closely with Tunisian authorities, civil society, and the private sector to build local capacity and promote sustainable economic development in Tunisia.

As for the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia (INAT), it is an internationally renowned higher education and research establishment in the field of agriculture and the environment. INAT is highly focused on sustainable development issues and possesses a wide range of internationally recognized skills in areas such as biodiversity, natural ecosystem engineering, water, and the environment.

Efficient irrigation management is a crucial issue for Tunisian farmers who face challenging weather conditions and increasing pressure on water resources. Digitization can help solve this problem by providing farmers with real-time data on weather conditions, rainfall on their plot and other relevant information.

To achieve this objective, ADDINN Group has been asked to design and develop a mobile application, “MABIA”, dedicated to Tunisian farmers. This application allows them to optimize the production of their farms based on collected data such as weather forecasts, rainfall measurements, and more.
GIZ & INAT X ADDINN | Digitalisation